Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Chemistry Lab Chemical and Physical Properties

Lab 4 animal(prenominal) AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES PURPOSE To find come out of the closet which of these substances will cause a personal or chemical substance substance diverge. To document the unalike physical and chemical flip-flops. DATA solvability OR REACTIONSubstancename Color Odor military force Of heat Cold H2O bouncy H2O Litmus Strip corrupt HCl Dilute NaOH Mg Shinny moneyFlakes none glum darker, less shinny No depart No spay No change laden dot Bubbled, steamed, similar shape none Cu CopperBe be None Turned shinier No change No change No change wet dot No change None Zn Shinny ash grey Pieces None Shinier & darker No change slight shinny No change wet dot Warm steam bubbles become flat in annotate None MgO Off- whitePowder None Little darker color Turned pee milky & slightly dissolved uninvolved Red move vipers bugloss, sick no change Hot dissolved saturnine yellow None CuCO3 Light reverse lightning powder None Turned to min atory powder Turned water parkland stayed pick Separated No change wet dot Bubbled dissolved turned bright green Turn blue Cu(NO3)2 Bright blue crystals None Turned turquoise & to a thick fluent Water light blue, enjoin Dissolved, blue water Blue turned rose-cheeked, red no change Turned green, stayed separate None NaCl White crystals None No change Stayed separate Dissolved, water assimilate Red no change, blue dark dot No change separate None OBSERVATION I didnt smell a difference in any except when heated or mixed with HCl. The best changes happened with the HCl, and white-hot water. It was enkindle to see what changed with what and how. CALCULATIONS None CONCLUSION The CuCO3 had the approximately changes with all the tests. It was cool to see the chemical and physical changes. I saw color changes and solid to liquid changes. Only triad had changes on the litmus paper. There was completely one change with the dilute NaOH. The changes were varied than I expecte d physically and chemically. QUESTIONS A.Did you attain any chemical changes in this experiment? Yes there were a lot of chemical changes with the HCl, one with the NaOH, and some with heat and hot water. B. What evidence did you use to decide that something was a chemical change? The starting and finishing product were different, color change, sound, heat, and gas production. C. conk out at least two examples of chemical changes you observed HCl and CuCO3 turned bright green, NaOH and CuCO3 D. screen the side by side(p) properties of sodium metal as physical or chemical * Silver metallic color chemical * Turns colourize in air chemical * Melts at 98*C physical * Reacts explosively with chlorine gas chemical E.Classify the following changes as physical or chemical * Water freezes at O*C physical * Baking soda water when combine with vinegar produces bubbles chemical * Mothballs gradually fly at room temperature chemical * frost cubes in freezer get smaller with time chem ical * Baking soda loses mass as its heated chemical * Tarnishing of silver chemical F. How would you show that looseness table salt is a physical change? When you dissolve salt it is a chemical change because it dissociates in Na+ ions and Cl- ions. But when you remove the water therefore the salt remains which is physical change. (http//chemistry. about. com/od/matter/a/lsdissolving-salt-in-water-a-chemical-change-orphysical-change. htm )

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