Saturday, May 18, 2019

Aligning IT Components To Achieve Agility In Globally Distributed

In GDSD project there three interdependent components of agility that include the restless IT dodging which is used to suit changing needs, the ready IT infrastructure that enables the formulation and performance of flexible It strategies, and agile IT project management that is concerned with change coordination and control in the system development project.According to the author, the work of IT strategy to explore and exploit new technologies can result to agile IT infrastructure that facilitates the firms to realize business strategies in new different ways.Alternatively, agility in organizational IT infrastructure is important to the formulation of IT enabled corporate or local anesthetic business strategies. This article shows that IT infrastructure is vital because it contributes to the agility of project management by enabling fast and flexible integration of multiple system components.In my view, it is important to for a firm to have vertical relationship with external partners because they provide awareness and opportunities that enables a firm to explore new technologies, which then leads to deployment of trance of IT infrastructure to suit local needs.In conclusion, this article states that global business environment provides firms with business opportunities where by as they are developing global business strategies, they should also support them with information systems aligned with these strategies.This brings need to the firma having good relationship with the external partners so that they can be able to explore the new technologies that lead to local targeted needs.ReferencesLee O., Lim, K., Banerjee P., Hillegersberg, J., Kumar K. & Wei K. (2006). Aligning IT Components to Achieve Agility in Globally Distributed System Development. Hong Kong City University of Hong Kong.

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