Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Policy advice Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Policy advice - Research Paper ExampleEast Asia countries and other western countries had conventional a course towards progressive development, amongst them Japan, Italy, West Germany and France (Zakaria 49).It should be noted that after the fall of the Bretton Woods carcass in 1970s, occasioned by the growing international trade, the stock market crash of 1973-1974 and monetary economics, countries that emerged later centre on strong economic policies. The rising slope of BRICs especially China was therefore a progressive and blotto economic growth having learnt from the various depressions. It appears that much(prenominal) economies thrived on protective policies. The US may consider analyzing such foreign policies to unravel their contri thations to economic growth and see whether they may be applicable for the US incase (Masters 1).Emerging economies such as China, Russia, and India have established competitive economic policies. India has a steadily raise economy, which is poised to be very competitive in the next decade. Chinas economic rise in the orbiculate market has boomed in what appears to be a plan that was awaiting implementation. China is has practically overtaken the US and other western countries on the African continent and other areas. It has steadily rising middle class. The US should not sit back and watch or accept that global economics have changed, but conduct an assessment aimed at reclaiming her position on global economic front. It may take eon to recover but it will certainly reverse the US economic trend (Zakaria 98).In the meantime, the US should cook up policies aimed at short-term recovery of micro-economy of the small states as leader negotiates a fair global competition for goods and patent rights of all countries. Should countries realize real global integration, it would still be wise to formulate acceptable rules of economic engagement for equitable benefit to enable all countries realize benefits of economic inte gration. The US may consider treating developing countries as

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