Sunday, September 8, 2019

Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Assessment - Essay Example The research teams have extensive experience in relevant fields hence they can conduct efficient studies and collect relevant disease data of all patients. They are conversant with patient recruitment and retention. The health personnel use both innovative and remote methods to recruit and retain patients to be enrolled for data collection. This body is very important since it has improved the living standards of patients through ethical and up to standard medical research due the professionalism practiced. It is also referred to as Shadow records. Physicians, pharmacists, psychologists and other health professionals maintained records of patients they attend. These records include copies of patient care information cards. The health record departments receive documents that carry information about a particular patient. Records received from Unit Medical Record (UMR) are forwarded to the health professionals to keep together with other patients’ records. All these comprise CMR and should not have any original document other than copies of the originals. CMR can also be Common Medical Record and this represents patient health history. It is mandatory that all health organizations in the Federal government synthesize health history of all patients. CMR is very valuable when health sector or organizations are tracing the root cause of diseases (Kominski, 2000). Health organizations process and reimburse claims. The organization billing departments are responsible for processing claims of third party payers, verification of insurance coverage and billing of Medicare. This process requires that health organizations maintain substantial information. The type of the service provided to the patient determines the type of billing forms that the third party payer will be issued with. The most common standard forms used by health organizations in United States of America are CMS-1450 and UB-92. These forms are submitted to third party

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