Thursday, September 19, 2019

Diablo II Den of Evil :: essays research papers

Quest 1 - Den of Evil Did we miss anything on a quest? Is there something we didn't discover? Let us know! Quest Giver: Akara the Healer (in the starting camp). Begin by: talking with Akara for the first time. Quest Location: Blood Moor, Den of Evil cave. Quest Reward: One extra skill point. This introductory quest should bring you to level 3 or 4 by the end, depending on how much you fought before hand. To find the Den, simply follow the worn dirt path out of town until it forks (before you reach the Cold Plains area). Choose a direction. One will lead you to the cave and one will lead to a dead end. It's random. Your object is to rid the cave of every creature inside. When you face the demon shaman's, take care of them first, as they will resurrect their fallen demon cohorts. You should face one or two unique bosses, all built for your level, so expect some magic gear. When you're finished, you'll see beams of light pierce through the cavern ceiling. It's common to have to hunt for one or two remaining creatures, as they tend to scatter. Return to Akara for a wonderful starting boost. This is not a mandatory quest, but as mentioned in the intro, you'll be able to do it again in Nightmare and yet again in Hell, each for additional and almost free skill points. Don't worry, you'll work off this guilty pleasure later. Quest 2 - Sisters' Burial Grounds Did we miss anything on a quest? Is there something we didn't discover? Let us know! Quest Giver: Kashya the Rogue Leader (in the starting camp). Begin by: speaking with Kashya after completing Quest 1, or by entering the Cemetery. Quest Location: The Burial Grounds next to the Cold Plains. Quest Reward: One Rogue Mercenary and the ability to hire Rogues. Your objective is to free the Burial Grounds from a previous Rogue Captain named Blood Raven, who was corrupted by Andariel, and who is now wreaking havoc by raising undead creatures. Head to the Cold Plains, the first major area outside of town, and run around the perimeter looking for an exit from the area. If it's Stony Field, the next major area, keep moving around the perimeter. When you get to the Burial Grounds a quest log reminder will pop up. Kill the zombies and skeletons surrounding the cemetery first, and then head toward the center through one of the entrances.

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