Thursday, September 26, 2019

Science report in Media vs. Scholarly Sources Essay

Science report in Media vs. Scholarly Sources - Essay Example Some of these tend to support the scientific views raised in various scholarly journals by asserting the relevance in the exact influence of the distance from the sun to the earth on seasonal changes. Other reports have, however, provided contesting results citing different perspectives to the development. This paper provides a comparative analysis of the scientific and scholarly sources in regard to the view on the relationship between the distances from the sun to the earth on seasonal changes taking place over the surface of the earth. Scientific literature describing the association between temperatures variations and the sun’s insulations reaching the earth at different times of the year show that the distance between the sun and the earth influence not only the time of occurrence of seasons but also the intensity and extent of occurrence for such seasonal changes. An observational study conducted by Fligge, Solanki, Unruh, FroK, & Wehrli (1998) on the amount of Pleistocene melt ice indicates different degrees of melting ice at different times of the year and at different points of the earths surface both in the northern and in the southern hemispheres. The connection between the changes experienced in the extent of glacial melts and the alignments of the earth’s orbit was first proposed by one scientific observer Adhemar. His observations were based on the fact that the Antarctic ice is present due to the fact that the winter seasons in the southern hemisphere are longer than the winter in the nor thern hemisphere by up to 8 days thus allowing additionally longer time for the Antarctic ice to form. The effect, as Fligge, Solanki, Unruh, FroK, & Wehrli (1998) observes, result in the thickness of the Antarctic ice being more than the Arctic region. Winter was defined by Adhemar as the period between the equinoxes (the period when the sun is overhead the equator). Besides these

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