Friday, September 27, 2019

Midterm report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Midterm report - Essay Example The most important in the book is the topics it addresses; it is anthology of life in the USA because it traces local understanding of basic human values and needs people face in their lives. Each story in the book is an independent essay with developed story line and its characters. Out of all the stories, Im Jumping  Off  the Bridge by Kevin Sampsell is very special. Narrated in the first person, it tells a story of a man who convinces other man not to commit suicide. The savior, however, is trapped by suicidal thoughts and he has to survive a night fighting with his inner controversies to make the decision to live or not to live.   The other story, Confessions of an Ex-Mormon by Walter Kirn addresses the issue of religion and belief. It follows the narrator on his way from and back to Mormonism, showing how difficult it can be to find belief inside one’s heart. In His Last Game, Brian Doyle manages to render invisible connection between two brothers who are already grown up, but they keep their inner children alive thanks to each other.   Other stories, also written in the first person, deal with economics, politics, relationships, inner struggles, desi re to live, state of mind and many other vital things people can find interesting in literature. This collection of essays reflects current values of people in America. If one wants to have a glimpse in American culture and identity, these stories in their concentration comprehensively represent this hidden knowledge. They are not too philosophical or sophisticated; most of them are written in terms of ordinary daily life with the same ordinary problems. These stories do not offer solutions to global issues of greater gaps between the rich and poor or cure for lethal diseases. They offer a fresh look, a new point of view and ideas to think about in the future. They teach people to appreciate what they have here and now and love their closest people. They show that

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