Thursday, June 13, 2019

Analysis Of The Legal Issues Pertaining To Cliffhanger Festival Essay

Analysis Of The Legal Issues Pertaining To Cliffhanger Festival - Essay ExampleThe Cliffhanger festival is a major outdoor egress that aims at attracting people from all over the world to come and join in the fun of its outdoor games and exhibitions. A cliffhanger is an annual event that is rotated crosswise the UK and this year, it is being held in Sheffield between July 2nd and 4th. The festival is organized by Heason Events, Sheffield City Council, and Events Sheffield. Heason events are the primary event organizer. The partners include BKSA, British Military, International league of Sporting Councils, Jurys Inn, Millhouse Works, Real Radio, and SYO. Sponsors include Decathlon, Climbing Works, Yorkshire Hotels and Hammer design. Music and camping services are rendered in partnership with Alpkit UK. The festival allow be opened to members of the public and it primarily targets families. It will involve a series of outdoor events and camping as well as entertainment and fun. The master(prenominal) events include bike riding, bowling, training sessions, caves, climbing, demonstrations by professional fitness trainers, golf, races, food and drink exhibitions, blood donations, swimming, music and amusement, camping and jumping. Most of the event will be held at Millhouse Park, Abbeydale, Sheffield which has 200 parks, woodlands, and gardens and is the greenest city in Britain. There will be an admission fee of 6 for adults and 1 for an accompanying person under 16 and free for an accompanying person under the age of 4. This shows the fact that the festival seeks to promote family participation.

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