Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Children in the children center observation Research Paper

Children in the children center observation - Research Paper ExampleShe looks fanny and looks around at everyone present in the church building. She looks at the ceiling and says Its gotten higher.455- She jumps down from the bench and stands put her left palm on the side of the bench and looks back. She walks out of the pew and stands for sometime holding the side handles of the pew and looks at the gate of the church from where she had entered.505- She looks at the hymn book placed on the bench and picks it up. G opens the book and says what are all these? She closes the hymn book and with her right forefinger tries to read HYMN BOOK. She says H- Y-M N-B-O-O-K What is it mommy? G asks.506- G puts it down and starts to look at the ceiling. Mommy is Jesus here like a shot? Where is he sitting? She tries to look for Jesus in the church. She starts nodding her forefront when the choir sings. She stands up and nods her head to the left and right.507- G bends down and gets out of the bench. G smiles Look I am here now I am coming. She walks to the mid of the church and stops at a painting hung on the walls. She looks at it minutely with both her hands on her hips.512- G stands up again and walks towards the end of the church and stands near the statue of Mother Mary. She touches it and folds her hands and prays. She touches it again with her right palm and kisses her palm.519- She finished accruement of the 6th row and takes back the bag with her right hand. She puts her left hand underneath the bag and says Its heavy and walks towards the end of the hall. She smiles at the nun and hands oer the bag.G is a 6 year old. She is wearing a mauve colour frock and pretty mauve shoes. G seems to know what happens in the church which shows that she must have come to church on several occasions. G seems enthusiastic since she wanted to sit in the first bench. Gs behavior shows that she copies

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