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Paper on the client Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Paper on the client - Case Study Examplettitude, his validation of Cesar, and lynchpin words and phrases the restitute uses with respect to psychology. The principles, foundation, and dynamic of the doctor-patient relationship in Abre Los Ojos are very interesting. The doctor himself is a no-non hotshot type of guy who encourages Cesar to try to remember what he himself did, and the movie also has a few twists at the end. Another important aspect of being a doctorwhich Cesars doctor exemplifiesis what it marrow to be a professional (whether or not the doctor follows the rules and laws of doctor-patient relations). Understandably so, doctors must be continually assessing and evaluating the needs of the patient. Are the patients medications at the correct dosages? Do they need to be adjusted? The duty of the doctor is to continuously be monitoring a patients relative progress or the wish thereof. ... Usually a patients conduct team consists of the doctors that are working on all of the patients the main doctors which oversee the patients care setting the social worker the chaplain and mayhap most obviously, the family and/or caregivers. In this case of Cesar the family and/or caregivers are basically replaced by the jail. It is the duty of the doctor on the end of the hospital or other organization taking care of the patientnot now speaking of the family and/or caregiversthat they establish a sense of trust and reliability with the patient. Since the doctor is the person who will have the most contact with the patient, it is of maximum importance that the doctor be professional, respectable, and affable. It is the duty of the other doctors to patiently listen as each individual doctor expresses his or her reflections on the progress of the patients. Similarly, it is the doctors duty to reflect on how the status of the patients are. The social worker is usable in order to address any issues that might come up regarding the patients living conditions, enviro nment, etc. The chaplain is available in order to do out with a patients spiritual needs. The doctors self-exploration and identity struggles being faced while treating Cesar are manifold. In whatever case, the doctor is very important, and of course, one cannot forget the importance of the role of the jailers, which must work with the organizations doctor on-call. The doctor works to provide the service of support the patient through this troubling and complex time in his or her life. Hopefully the doctor can make that patients journey an easier and perhaps less stressful one. Cesars doctor faces

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