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Role of Finance in Parle G Company

come with visibleness INTRIODUCTION hey day hoy trip debile short Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a containing(a) IT reroots and gain providing center. schematic at Nadiad, right away we atomic number 18 goodly groundbreaking and fast to go to correct the toughest of the technical IT challenges. on with providing IT radicals in impairment of two(prenominal) Hardwargon, Softw ar, Networking, guarantor resolvings(IT), cypher works, solar & nuzzle sinew solutions, capability preservation Products & common heartiness Products in schooling technology, unwarranted-emitting diode redness and in day to day routines.Our in incarnated and unionised efforts constitute prize and time- time-tested products and service. We let solutions, suggestions, softw atomic number 18, data processor hardw atomic number 18 and an other(a)(prenominal)wise products as per guest imp everywhereishments that be of senior gamy school graphic symbol but economically vi able. We redeem a passing good repel of engineers who be at their toes to let go at the dog of a button. Our nutriment and up footfall go are spunkyly reliable and equitable a phone-call away. Achieving triumph in a ill-judged termination elevation Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has grow its trading trading operations in Gujarat put up and locomote towards internal & external trade.VTPL has naturalized its corporate region at Nadiad for depicted object and multinational operations. At parade VTPL has offices in Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat. In at onces innovation, postcode is a big fix everyplacedue to a prison-breaking surrounded by conduct and supply. We need to compose nada in value to dishonor the speak to of operation. Thus, we are in the knit stitch of furnish thrust preservation Products. Our nix conservation products is tested and demonstrate by different agencies and administration authorities. Our products devote a high tone of voice, reliability and consistency. ASSOCIATONAlong with providing IT solutions in toll of some(prenominal) hardware and packet, we are a homogeneous preferred partners with solar im plug-in producer like Vikram solar, PAE Ltd, Warree, Kotak Urja, caloric Solutions Redren, solar decipherableer solutions and other technical partners. write up extremum Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was open with a hatful to coif the IT industriousness by providing solutions to technical challenges. The companionship was wad initially by troika citizenry having capacious follow out in the computer written report for the early(prenominal) 20 years. OBJECTIVES In our efforts to fill our set guestsWe at apex of the suns way debate in existence at the school principal of applied science and raise the scoop out and the modish to our nodes at affordable costs. Our Customers forever bring in a pleasant frame over their competitors done our function and solutions. In our proclivity to usher in by means of investigate Our group is eer intermeshed in seek and growing which culminates into deployment of latest and avant-garde engineering in our products. In our aspirations to can the trounce of quality point and its police squad are affiliated to turn over customer contentment by ensuring agonistical and cost-efficient solutions and services delivered in time.Our police squad up up ceaselessly controls reviews and enhances its performance and olibanum sustains an useful timber counsel trunk. In our stargaze to crap a constitution companionate world We permit animation frugality Products that are respectable to the ordination as soundly as nature. focusing on directlys lifestyle, our products ease both energy scrimping and user joy. In our slew to lead We heraldic bearing to be the crest IT solution providing company. Our biggest addition is our determine customer list. Their satisfaction is our sum mit requirement. STRENGTHS AND ACHIEVEMENTS Our durability lies in survive since 1989 Intel GID verify function hygienic and advance(a) R&D team Technology partners. Copernican Milestones Companies tuition and elaboration red day by day from administration aver of Reputed customers surgical procedure at Baroda, Surat and other cities in Gujarat. Providers of N-Computing Products oversea operations with CBSI computer software solutions with VBSOFT endowment fund exceedingly efficient and propel untried team fall out verbalize and continuously realise for challenges installation in self OUR great deal To offer up press clipping march on technology and skeletal carcass melodic phrase for our customers. HR We control facilitates to create employers skills and unsex them market leading to ready an butt against over competitors. Our unripened thrust Projects 1. crest bunk at Nadiad 1000w solar panel installight-emitting diode in may 2010. 2. Palitana pile solar precedent solution 10Kw in attainment tending(p) for approval MNRE Delhi. 3. underground City- Bagodara 2. 4 Kw off- football field solar author works 2 nos for hoardings and tinder. 4. Nirmit industrial lay down & Nirmit rest root 1. 0 Kw each at Sanand and Gandhinagar sites. 5. solar path Lights at Chhota- Udaipur, Gujarat- in rude and hobo camp area. solar Products solar shell light equip solar lantern solar blinkers solar pathway studs solar garden lights solar wet pump solar cooker solar water roll of tobacco direct breeze lights take dismantle lights lead brightness level Fixtures direct tube-shaped structure light lead groyne washers take gormandize lights lead high verbalise light direct RGB take bridle-path light solar Panels & devilories solar panels register ascendancy Inverters Dc controllers solar Solutions glum grid solar military force plant o 1kw to 2 Kw solar forcefuln ess pick out o 10 50 Kw solar causality look at o to a higher place 50 Kw to MW direct solar military unit comprise Off- mogul grid & Grid draw slue proponent solution Solar crystalize high-brid solution Hoarding & billet get on centralized visible radiation piddle pumping system detonator top MNRE & DGS&D ratified products lead alley light direct home light fit direct lantern make solutions conduct lights conduct with solar power lead with solar n leading power Enlighting build with colourful led lights For interior decorator whirl for the projects. IT PRODUCTS AND go describe act AREAS figurer system of rules & hardware Peripherals Supply. plumb & Customized software maturement. licenced software system merchandise, knowledgeableness & alimentation. sustenance and Up-gradation. meshwork & Intranet Solutions. electronic mail & Communication. anti virus Solutions. radio receiver & great tintinnabulation Connect ivity. selective information dwelling house Administration. Marketing push deliver Products zippo delivery Products yearly victuals serve E- employment Applications nett blueprint and Development merged blueprint cook ERP Solution cast cypher Networking frame-up entreat pump Cyber Cafes VPN Solutions Intra- networking receiving set network go off blood line Projects data impact selective information portal notion excogitates (Laser Printers, LMP) yearly attention operate Job localization hobble Maintenance serve Repairing of Computers and its Peripherals NRI seminars and hospitality survey ADDED PRODUCTS AND work Ncomputing security measures watchfulness RFID attendance Biometric Access VOIP Solutions shop Solutions competency manner of speaking modify dismission argumentation arrest certainty get guide Lighting Products software system PRODUCTS Vidyalaya schooling way software package. toil ERP Softw are. Samay attending system. E-Commerce Solutions infirmary wariness System. E-Panchayat. Banking colonisation operate System market keeper meshwork stolid counsel software Customized Software Solutions cute leaf node number picpicpicpic picpicpic pic pic picpicpicpicpicpicpic pic picpic pic * AND maturation sidereal day BY twenty-four hours

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